The 2024 Penguin Paddle

February 24th, 2024

The Annual Penguin Paddle

The  annual Penguin Paddle is an all-day event that is held on the slope-side of the Yodeler lodge in cooperation with Holiday Valley Ski Resort.  Most of the students who participate in LASP require specially designed adaptive equipment which is very expensive.  The proceeds from Penguin Paddle help to purchase and maintain this equipment and to fund ongoing adaptive training programs for the 40 volunteer instructors.

The 2024 Penguin Paddle Committee


Raffle Chairperson

Auction Chairperson

Food Chairs

And we don’t call it the Penguin Paddle for nothing.  Every year hundreds of playful Penguin Paddle participants of all ages flock to Holiday Valley for the Penguin Paddle Races.  These slippery schussmeisters throw caution and dignity to the wind and don helmets and large black garbage bags to ‘make like penguins’ and slide down the lower part of the Yodeler ski slope on their bellies. 

In addition to the Penguin Paddle Races, the day’s festivities include a buffet cook-out lunch, silent auction, and raffle.  The day is always loads of fun for the entire family and an opportunity to support a wonderful program.


Check back soon to learn more about the 2024 Penguin Paddle!